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(2e,6z,8e)-n-(2-methylpropyl)-2,6,8-decatrienamide is a food additive with the ID of 25394-57-4
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flavoring agent or adjuvant
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fd&c blue no. 1-aluminum lake, benzenemethanaminium, n-ethyl-n-(4-((4-(ethyl((3-sulfophenyl)methyl)amino)phenyl)(2-sulfophenyl)methylene)-2,5-cyclohexadien-1-ylidene-3-sulfo-, hydro...68921-42-6, acid blue 9-aluminum lake, brilliant blue fcf-aluminum lake, c.I. Food blue 2-aluminum lake, c.I. 42090:2, c.I. Acid blue 9-aluminum lake, food blue no. 1-aluminum lake, japan blue 1 lake, japan blue 1-aluminum lake.

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