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Keto_friendlinessHigh carb
Net carbohydrates90.79999924


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1+1 is a high carb food item with net carbohydrates of >60 grams per serving popular in Chile

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Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)[edit source]

Question Answer
Does 1+1 contain high levels of carbohydrates? Yes. 1+1 is recognized for its significant carbohydrate content, particularly with net carbohydrates exceeding 60.
Is 1+1 recommended for those on a low carb diet? No. Given its high carbohydrate levels, those who are diet-conscious should exercise caution, ideally limiting or omitting 1+1 from their diet.
Is 1+1 suitable for the keto diet? No. Due to its exceptionally high net carbohydrate content, 1+1 is not advised for those on a keto regime or similar weight loss diets.
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