1.50oz chesters hot

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1.50oz chesters hot
Name1.50oz chesters hot
Keto_friendlinessHigh carb
Net carbohydrates44.66
Saturated fats5.88
Serving description1.50oz chesters hot

1.50oz chesters hot is a medium carb food item popular in United States
* Food additives: E102 - Tartrazine, E110 - Sunset yellow FCF, E129 - Allura red ac, E262 - Sodium acetates, E262ii - Sodium diacetate, E270 - Lactic acid, E330 - Citric acid, E621 - Monosodium glutamate
* Brand owner: Frito Lay
Frito Lay
* Food ingredients: With active ingredients of fat in high quantity, saturated fat in high quantity, sugars in low quantity, salt in high quantity

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1.50oz chesters hot nutritional quality scores[edit source]

The Nutri-Score is a five-color nutrition label and nutritional rating system with the overall nutritional value of food products such as 1.50oz chesters hot and assigns products a rating letter from A (green/best) to E (red/worst).

Nutriscore not available

Food processing score[edit source]

Nova food processing score

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  • 1 = Minimally or unprocessed foods
  • 2 = Processed food products
  • 3 = Ultra processed foods
  • 4 = Highly processed foods

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