100 wholemeal

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100 wholemeal
Name100 wholemeal
Keto_friendlinessHigh carb
Net carbohydrates33.5
Saturated fats0.4

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100 wholemeal is a high carb food item with net carbohydrates in the range of 20-39.99 by Aldi popular in Ireland
Food ingredients:
wholemeal wheat flour (60%)]], water, yeast, wheat gluten, salt, emulsifiers: mono-and diacetyl tartaric acid esters of mono - and diglycerides of fatty acids, sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate, mono - and diglycerides of fatty acids, rapeseed lecithin, vegetable oils (rapeseed oil, palm oil), wheat flour (wheat flour, calcium carbonate, iron, niacin, thiamin), preservative: calcium propionate, acidity regulator: ascorbic acid, for allergens,]]see ingredients in bold]], allergy auvice: may aro contain nuts, sesame seeds and soya, dietary advice: suitable for vegetarians, donot refreeze
Food additives
E282 - Calcium propionate, E300 - Ascorbic acid, E322 - Lecithins, E322i - Lecithin, E471 - Mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, E472e - Mono- and diacetyltartaric acid esters of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, E481 - Sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate Template:Food nutrient tags
Nutrition info highlights

  • 100 wholemeal has fat in low quantity
Fat meter low.png

  • 100 wholemeal has saturated fat in low quantity.
  • 100 wholemeal has sugars in low quantity.
  • 100 wholemeal has salt in moderate quantity.

Keto-meter rating
Keto meter two.png
Keto 123
Keto 123

TOP 3 questions (FAQs)[edit source]

100 wholemeal is considered to be high on carbohydrates with net carbohydrates of over 20-40.

  • Is this food item good on a low carb diet? No (or a rare treat).

Given the moderate to high carbohydrate content in 100 wholemeal, people that are diet conscious should limit or avoid it.

With moderate to high net carbohydrate content, 100 wholemeal should be avoided on a keto or other weight loss diets.

List of other foods
Name Keto friendliness Net carbohydrates Calories Protein Fat Food group Sugars
Guava sauce mild Medium carb 20.0 100 0.0 0.0 Fats and sauces,Dressings and sauces 0.0
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Nutritional quality scores

The Nutri-Score is a five-color nutrition label and nutritional rating system with the overall nutritional value of food products. It assigns products a rating letter from A (best) to E (worst), with associated colors from green to red.

  • A = Green color, and is considered best
  • E = Red color, and is considered worst

Food processing score[edit source]

Nova food processing score

NOVA group 4.svg
  • 1 = Minimally or unprocessed foods
  • 2 = Processed food products
  • 3 = Ultra processed foods
  • 4 = Highly processed foods

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List of low carb foods[edit source]

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100 wholemeal

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