12 grain wide pan bread

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12 grain wide pan bread
Name12 Grain Wide Pan Bread
Keto_friendlinessHigh carb
Net carbohydrates57.7778
Saturated fats1.1111
Serving weight51.0g
Serving description12 grain wide pan bread

12 grain wide pan bread is a high carb food item by The Kroger Co. popular in United States
Brands:The Kroger Co.
Food additives: E282 - Calcium propionate, E481 - Sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate, E517 - Ammonium sulphate
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Ketometer rating
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TOP 3 questions (FAQs)

  1. Is 12 grain wide pan bread high in carbohydrates? Yes. 12 grain wide pan bread is considered to be high on carbohydrates with net carbohydrates of 40-60.
  2. Is this food item good on a low carb diet? No. Given the high carbohydrate content in 12 grain wide pan bread, people that are diet conscious should limit or avoid it.
  3. Is 12 grain wide pan bread allowed on keto diet? No. With very high net carbohydrate content, 12 grain wide pan bread should be avoided on a keto or other weight loss diets.

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12 Grain Wide Pan Bread

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The Nutri-Score is a five-color nutrition label and nutritional rating system with the overall nutritional value of food products such as 12 grain wide pan bread and assigns products a rating letter from A (green/best) to E (red/worst).

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  • 2 = Processed food products
  • 3 = Ultra processed foods
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