Américain du chef

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Américain du chef
NameAméricain du chef
Keto_friendlinessKeto friendly
Net carbohydrates3.7
Saturated fats1.7


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Américain du chef is a keto friendly food item with net carbohydrates in the range of 3-3.99 popular in Belgium

Keto-meter rating
Keto meter six.png
Keto 123
Keto 123

TOP 3 questions (FAQs)[edit source]

  1. Is Américain du chef high in carbohydrates? No. Américain du chef is considered to be low on carbohydrates with net carbohydrates of 3-4.
  2. Is this food item good on a low carb diet? Yes. Given the low carbohydrate content in Américain du chef, people that are diet conscious can consume it but be mindful of portions and other factors such as salt, fat etc.
  3. Américain du chef allowed on keto diet? Yes. With low net carbohydrate content, Américain du chef is allowed on a keto or other weight loss diets.

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Américain du chef

Américain du chef nutritional quality scores[edit source]

Nutriscore NA

Food processing score Américain du chef[edit source]

Nova food processing score (1 = Minimally or unprocessed foods, 4 = Highly processed foods)

  • NOVA food group not available.

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