Américain toast

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Américain toast
NameAméricain toast
Food_groupCereals and potatoes,Bread
Keto_friendlinessHigh carb
Net carbohydrates39
Saturated fats0.5
Serving descriptionPlastique


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Américain toast is a high carb food item with net carbohydrates in the range of 20-39.99 by M Classic popular in Switzerland

Food stores
Migros Items in trace quantities:
Eggs, Milk, Sesame seeds, Soybeans
Nutrient tags
fat-in-moderate-quantity, saturated-fat-in-low-quantity, sugars-in-low-quantity, salt-in-low-quantity

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Frequently Asked Questions (Top 3)[edit source]

Question Answer
How high is the carbohydrate content in Américain toast? Américain toast has a significant carbohydrate content, ranging from 20-40 net carbohydrates.
Is Américain toast suitable for a low carb diet? Not ideal (or best as a rare treat). Given its moderate to high carbohydrate composition, those on carb-restricted diets should exercise caution.
Can Américain toast be consumed on a keto diet? No. Given its carbohydrate content, it's best to avoid Américain toast on keto and other weight loss regimes.
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Nutritional quality scores

The Nutri-Score is a five-color nutrition label and nutritional rating system with the overall nutritional value of food products. It assigns products a rating letter from A (best) to E (worst), with associated colors from green to red.

  • A = Green color, and is considered best
  • E = Red color, and is considered worst

Food processing score[edit source]

Nova food processing score

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  • 1 = Minimally or unprocessed foods
  • 2 = Processed food products
  • 3 = Ultra processed foods
  • 4 = Highly processed foods
    The Américain toast has an eco-score of B.
  • Key: A is green, the preferred choice
  • E is red, the choice to be avoided.

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Américain toast

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