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Amy S Flug PT 1043269111 info Amy S Flug PT
Profession Healthcare provider
Specialties Physical therapy
Education University of Wisconsin School of Medicine
Years_active 2004 - till date
Work_institutions Hickok Rehabilitation Services Llc
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Flug Amy S PT is a female healthcare provider that graduated from University of Wisconsin School of Medicine in 2004


Physical therapy

What do physical therapists do?

Physical therapists such as Amy S Flug PT 1043269111 practice the art of physical therapy and help injured or ill people improve movement and manage pain.

The exact tests and procedures performed by Amy S Flug PT 1043269111 as a provider might vary.

Amy S Flug PT 1043269111 - NPI & PAC

The provider's National Provider Identification and PAC are:1043269111 7214975481

Work organization

Hickok Rehabilitation Services Llc with the organization PAC of 446355572

Contact info

708 W Washington St Augusta Wisconsin 547229085. Phone 7152862488


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