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Amy U Harrelson PA 1588626915 info Amy U Harrelson PA
Profession Healthcare provider
Specialties Physician assistant
Education Duke University School of Medicine
Years_active 2003 - till date.
Work_institutions Mecklenburg Radiology Associates Pa
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Amy U Harrelson PA is a female healthcare provider that graduated from Duke University School of Medicine class of 2003


Physician assistant

Secondary Specialty

What do physician assistants do?

Physician assistants such as Amy U Harrelson PA practice medicine working on teams with physicians, surgeons, and other healthcare workers. Some of the common services offered by providers such as Amy U Harrelson PA may include:

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The exact tests and procedures performed by Amy U Harrelson PA as a provider might vary.


Physician assistants such as Amy U Harrelson PA 1588626915 perform a wide variety of procedures depending on their education, training, specialty, and place of work.

Amy U Harrelson PA - NPI & PAC

The provider's NPI is 1588626915. The provider's Medicare PAC ID: 8921991605

Work organization

Mecklenburg Radiology Associates Pa 6800789587

Contact information

3623 Latrobe Dr Suite 216 Charlotte North Carolina 282112117. Phone:7043321291

Hospital affiliations

Novant Health Matthews Medical Center

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