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(am-ig' -dal-en) [see Amygdala].

1. Almond-like. 2. Pertaining to the ton- sil.

A. -alcohol. See Amylic Alcohol. A.

Bromid, C 5 H n Br, a transparent, colorless liquid, soluble in alcohol. It is antiseptic and germicidal. A. Colloid, a fluid prepa- ration consisting of amyl hydrid, 480 parts; aconitin, 1 part; veratrin, 6 parts; collodion, to 960 parts. It is painted on the skin in neuralgia, sciatica, etc. Syn., Anodyne col- loid. A. Hydrate. See Amylic Alcohol. A.

Hydrid, a fractional product of petroleum ether; it is an antiseptic. Syn., Hydramyl; Pentylene; Pentylhydrid. A. Iodid, C 5 H n I, the reaction-product of isoamylic alcohol, iodin, and phosphorus. It is sedative and antiseptic, and is used as an inhalation in dyspnea. A. Nitrite, C 5 H u N0 2 , a clear, yellowish, volatile liquid, of a penetrating odor. It produces vascular dilation and stimulates the heart's action, and is useful in angina pectoris, respiratory neuroses, etc. Dose, internally, \-i min. (0.016- 0.065 Cc) dissolved in alcohol; by inhala- tion, 2-5 min.(0.12-0.3 Cc). A. Nitrite, Carbureted, amyl nitrite saturated with car- bon monoxid. It is suggested as a sub- stitute for pure amyl nitrite, to obviate pres- sure in the head and other secondary ob- jectionable properties. A. Salicylate, a com- pound obtained from the action of chlorin on a saturated solution of salicylic acid in amylic alcohol. It is said to have the seda- tive properties of the amylic derivatives as well as antirheumatic qualities. Dose in acute rheumatism 10 capsules of 3 gr. Co. 2 AMYLACEOUS 57 ANABOLERGY Gm.) each, daily. A. Valerate, A. Val- erianate, C 10 H 20 O 2 . It is a cholesterin sol- vent and is used as a sedative in gall-stone colic. Dose 2-3 gr. (0.13-0.2 Gm.). Syn., Apple oil.


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