Amyloidosis familial visceral

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Other Names: Ostertag type amyloidosis; German type amyloidosis; Amyloidosis familial renal; Amyloidosis systemic nonneuropathic; Amyloidosis VIII; Amyloidosis 8; Amyloidosis, Ostertag type; Familial amyloid nephropathy; Familial renal amyloidosis; Hereditary amyloid nephropathy; Hereditary amyloidosis with primary renal involement; Hereditary renal amyloidosis; Hereditary amyloidosis with primary renal involvement

A group of rare renal diseases, characterized by amyloid fibril deposition of apolipoprotein A-I or A-II (AApoAI or AApoAII amyloidosis), lysozyme (ALys amyloidosis) or fibrinogen A-alpha chain (AFib amyloidosis) in one or several organs. Renal involvement leading to chronic renal disease and renal failure is a common sign. Additional manifestations depend on the organ involved and the type of amyloid fibrils deposited.

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Amyloidosis familial visceral is a rare disease.


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