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country state amenity coordinates specialties post code city services local name
Somalia Banaadir Clinics 2.031031573, 45.33119352 Mogadishu
Somalia Banaadir Clinics 2.032344179, 45.30456204 Mogadishu Clinic Dr. Kuule Pediatric clinic
Somalia Banaadir Hospitals 2.037468037, 45.30944173 Mogadishu Hospital Ex dugsi sare banadir
Somalia Banaadir Hospitals 2.041483471, 45.34527437 General Mogadishu Hospital
Somalia Banaadir Hospitals 2.045607451, 45.35846019 مقديشو
Somalia Banaadir Hospitals 2.058424974, 45.34329012 Mogadishu
Somalia Banaadir Pharmacies 2.046309017, 45.34773999 Mogadishu
Somalia Bari Hospitals 10.28142093, 50.22922 Iskushuban مستشفى
Somalia Bari Hospitals 9.510234285, 49.08570704 Qardho Qardho General Hospital
Somalia Galguduud Hospitals 5.294063563, 46.95450397 Dhuusamarreeb Isbitaalka xiindheer
Somalia Galguduud Hospitals 6.132998361, 46.62489552 Cadaado Hospital Adado General Hospital
Somalia Gedo Hospitals 3.330833666, 42.21572393 Garbahaarey
Somalia Gedo Hospitals 3.80031496, 42.54388768 Luuq
Somalia Gedo Pharmacies 3.329542518, 42.21984883 Garbahaarey Al-Nasri Pharmacy
Somalia Lower Juba Hospitals -0.359439435, 42.55113459 Kismaayo
Somalia Lower Shebelle Clinics 1.786273798, 44.5326279 Qoryooley
Somalia Lower Shebelle Hospitals 1.713938644, 44.76494056 Marka Marka Regional Hospital
Somalia Maroodi Jeeh Clinics 9.521988898, 44.06847817 Hargeysa Clinic MSF Somalia
Somalia Maroodi Jeeh Clinics 9.542410651, 44.05110684 Hargeysa Hargeisa Care Clinic
Somalia Maroodi Jeeh Clinics 9.547872383, 44.05205969 Hargeysa Clinic
Somalia Maroodi Jeeh Dentists 9.577176439, 44.06191773 Hargeysa
Somalia Maroodi Jeeh Hospitals 10.43977788, 45.01309854 Berbera
Somalia Maroodi Jeeh Hospitals 9.559658848, 44.06207833 Hargeysa P/p GARGAAR HOSPITAL
Somalia Maroodi Jeeh Hospitals 9.562088761, 44.05527005 هرجيسا Hospital مستشفى
Somalia Somali Pharmacies 6.241416686, 46.22105542 252 Abudwak Kadawe polyclinic center
Somalia Sool Hospitals 8.473571229, 47.36274976 Laas Caanood Manhal Hospital
Somalia Togdheer Clinics 9.405588487, 45.06365834 Owdweyne Clinic Bisha Cas الهلال الأحمر
Somalia Togdheer Clinics 9.513019089, 45.54436628 Burco
Somalia Togdheer Pharmacies 9.52659006, 45.53896934 Burco
Somalia Togdheer Pharmacies 9.52797802, 45.53570668 Burco Mansha Allah pharmacy

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