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1-ethynylcyclohexanol is an indirect food additive with food ID of 78-27-3

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1-ethynylcyclohexanol, Adipic acid-m-xylylenediamine copolymerEthylene-alkene-1 copolymerAlpha-olefin-4-methyl-1-pentene copolymerAlkene(c6-10)-4-methylpentene polymer(polyvinyl alcohol-co-1-alkene), c12-20N-vinylpyrrolidone-alkyl(c12-22) methacrylate-butyl methacrylate-isobutyl methacrylate-methyl methacrylate copolymerAlkyl(c12-20) methacrylate-methacrylic acid copolymer.

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