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A Health Encyclopedia is a comprehensive written compendium that provides detailed information on health, diseases, medical conditions, treatments, medical procedures, and aspects of wellness. It aims to be a reliable resource for both medical professionals and the general public to understand health-related topics.

Overview[edit | edit source]

A health encyclopedia offers in-depth details on the wide array of topics related to health, including anatomy, diseases, medications, and medical procedures. It is designed to assist individuals in gaining a better understanding of health conditions and medical terms.

Content[edit | edit source]

The encyclopedia is divided into various sections, each focusing on specific areas of health and medicine:

Diseases and Conditions[edit | edit source]

Information on a broad range of diseases and disorders, their symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment options.

Treatments and Procedures[edit | edit source]

Detailed descriptions of medical treatments and surgical procedures.

Human Anatomy and Physiology[edit | edit source]

Explains the structure of the human body and its functions.

Nutrition and Wellness[edit | edit source]

Covers nutritional information and wellness practices.

Preventive Medicine[edit | edit source]

Focuses on disease prevention and health promotion.

Specialties in Medicine[edit | edit source]

An overview of various medical specialties.

Healthcare Systems[edit | edit source]

Information on healthcare delivery systems, insurance, and patient care.

Use[edit | edit source]

The health encyclopedia serves several purposes:

  • Educational resource for medical students and professionals.
  • Reference guide for individuals seeking to understand health-related issues.
  • Tool for preventive health care and wellness promotion.

Development and Maintenance[edit | edit source]

Health encyclopedias are usually developed by medical experts and updated regularly to include the latest medical research and health guidelines.

Access[edit | edit source]

Many health encyclopedias are available online, providing easy access to up-to-date health information. Some are available in print or as mobile applications.

The Core Philosophy of WikiMD[edit | edit source]

Healthy herbs
Healthy herbs

At the heart of WikiMD's mission is the belief that prevention is better than cure. With this in mind, the encyclopedia dedicates substantial resources to topics such as wellness, nutrition, diet, and weight loss. As an extensive health reference, it covers an array of subjects that span health, wellness, and healthcare. The coverage extends over various diseases, health conditions, treatments, medications, and nutrition, as well as insights into maintaining good health, strategies for prevention, and managing illness.

Who Can Benefit from WikiMD?[edit | edit source]

WikiMD's detailed content, endorsed by healthcare professionals, serves both the medical community and the general public.

For Healthcare Professionals[edit | edit source]

For healthcare providers, WikiMD is a vital resource, keeping them up-to-date with the latest medical discoveries, guidelines, and essential clinical information for better patient care.

For the General Public[edit | edit source]

Laypersons find WikiMD a valuable asset for understanding how to maintain health and prevent disease. It sheds light on the causes and symptoms of various illnesses, treatment options available, and advice for healthy living choices, including diet, exercise, and stress management.

Peer-Reviewed by Medical Professionals[edit | edit source]

WikiMD's health encyclopedia discusses topics from disease risk factors to cutting-edge medical technologies for early detection. Renowned medical experts rigorously review the content for accuracy. The database encompasses detailed information on diseases, medical conditions, diagnostic measures, symptoms, injuries, and surgical procedures. It's crucial, however, to recognize that personal health decisions regarding diagnosis and treatment should always involve a consultation with a licensed physician.

Healthy food
Healthy food

Scope of Topics in WikiMD[edit | edit source]

  • Anatomy and Physiology: Detailed look into the complex structure and functions of the human body, including various systems.
  • Common Diseases and Conditions: In-depth discussions of widespread health issues, their origins, signs, diagnosis, and treatment options.
  • Nutrition and Diet: Emphasis on the role of nutrition in health, including guidance for particular health conditions and life stages.
  • Fitness and Exercise: Insights into the benefits of regular physical activity, types of exercises, and tips for developing an effective fitness plan.
  • Preventive care: Strategies for maintaining health, including screenings, vaccines, and lifestyle changes for overall well-being.
  • Medical procedures and Treatments: Explanations of common medical procedures, their purposes, and the risks involved.
  • Medications: Information on various drugs, their uses, side effects, and interactions.
  • Emergency and Critical care: Basics of emergency medicine and critical care for managing severe and urgent health conditions.

WikiMD by the Numbers[edit | edit source]

With over 2,146,020 pages, WikiMD is recognized as the largest free medical and wellness encyclopedia available worldwide.

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Popular health topics[edit | edit source]

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Healthy oils
Healthy oils

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No topics/tools listed

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Healthy eating
Healthy eating

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Health is the state of complete physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being.


Short list of health articles - A[edit source]

AbortionAccidentActivities of daily livingAcupuncture

Advance health care directiveAerobic exercise

AgelessAging and memoryAgingAlcoholismAllergyAlternative medicineAmputationAnaerobic exerciseAnaesthesiaAnatomical pathologyAnatomyAndrologyAnimal-assisted therapyAntibiotic resistanceAppetiteAssisted reproductive technologyAthletic trainingAudiologyAutoimmune diseaseAuxology

B[edit source]

BacteriumBaldnessBasic life supportBinge eating

Biological standard of livingBiomedical researchBiomedical technologyBipolar disorderBirth attendantBirth controlBlood diseasesBlood testBody compositionBody Mass Index (BMI)Brain death

C[edit source]



ChiropracticCognitive therapyCommunity-based rehabilitationCommunity healthComplementary and alternative medicineComplementary medicineConvalescence - COVID-19 portalCryosurgery

D[edit source]

DeathDeficiency disease

DentistryDermatologyDeterminants of healthDetoxificationDevelopmental disabilityDiabetesDiagnosisDiet (nutrition)Diet and obesityDietary supplementDieteticsDietingDigestionDigestive systemDigestive tractDisabilityDisease registryDiseaseDoctor-patient relationshipDysarthriaDyslexia

E[edit source]

Environmental healthEnzymeEpidemicEvidence-based medicineEvidence-based practice

EugenicsExercise equipmentExercise physiologyExercise

F[edit source]

Fad dietFaith healingFamily centered careFamily planningFamineFast foodFertilityFetal alcohol syndromeFolk medicineFood additiveFood allergyFoodFood groupsFood pyramid (nutrition)Food technologyFoodForensic pathology

G[edit source]

Gene therapyGeneral fitness trainingGeneral surgeryGenetic counselingGenetic engineeringGenetically modified organismGeneticsGenome projectGenomeGenomicsGeriatricsGerontologyGynaecology

Mental health
Mental health

H[edit source]

HaematologyHealingHealth care deliveryHealth care systemHealth careHealth economicsHealth educationHealth professionHealth promotionHealth scienceHealthHealthcareHealthy dietHealthy eatingHistory of medicineHolistic healthHome birthHome remedyHomeopathyHomeostasisHormoneHospiceHospitalHuman anatomyHygiene

I[edit source]

IllnessImmortalityImmunity (medical)ImmunologyInfectious diseasesInfertilityInflammationInjuryInternal medicine

J[edit source]


K[edit source]


L[edit source]

LifeLife expectancyLife extensionLongevity

M[edit source]

MacronutrientMale infertilityMalnutritionMedical cannabisMedical case managementMedical devicesMedical historyMedical imagingMedical schoolMedical sociologyMedical technology

MedicationMedicineMegadoseMegavitamin therapy

Mental disorderMental healthMental retardation - MERSMetabolismMeteoropathyMicrobiologyMicronutrientMidwiferyMiscarriageMortality rateMultivitaminMutation

GI doctor
GI doctor

N[edit source]

NanomedicineNanotechnologyNaturopathic medicineNeurologyNeuroscienceNeurosurgeryNuclear medicineNurseNursing schoolNursingNutrientNutritionNutritional supplementNutritionist

O[edit source]

ObesityObstetrics and GynecologyObstetricsOccupational hygieneOccupational medicineOccupational safety and healthOccupational therapyOld ageOncologyOnline pharmacyOphthalmologyOptometryOral hygieneOrgan transplantOrganismOrthopaedicsOsteopathyOver-the-counter drugOverweight

P[edit source]

Palliative careParamedicPathogenPathologyPediatrics

Pharmaceutical care

PharmacologyPharmacyPhysical educationPhysical examinationPhysical exercisePhysical fitnessPhysical therapyPhysicianPlastic surgeryPopulation healthPregnancy

Prenatal carePrescription drugsPreventive medicinePrimary carePrimary health carePsychiatryPsychoanalysisPsychotherapyPublic health

Q[edit source]

Quality of Life (Healthcare)

R[edit source]

RadiologyRare diseaseReproductive medicineRheumatology

S[edit source]

STD testingSafe sexSanitationSaturated fatSelf-healingSelf-medicationSenilitySex educationSexual dysfunctionSexual health

Sleep deprivationSleep hygieneSleepSocial medicineSpecial needsSports medicineSurgerySurvivabilitySymptom

T[edit source]

ToxicityToxicologyToxinTrans fatTrauma surgery

U[edit source]

Universal design

V[edit source]

VaccineVegetarianismVirusVitaminVulvovaginal health

W[edit source]

Weight lossWellness (alternative medicine)WellnessWomen's healthWorld Health Organization

X[edit source]


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Disclaimer[edit | edit source]

While WikiMD offers a treasure trove of medical knowledge, it should never replace professional medical advice. Should any health concerns arise, it's always prudent to seek counsel from a healthcare professional.


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