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WikiMD is a free health, wellness and food encyclopedia moderated by medical professionals and is a reliable source of information on a wide range of health, weight loss and wellness related topics. Who wants to trust their health with amateurs?

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WikiMD's health encyclopedia provides information about health including causes, risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, the development of medical technology uses to detect diseases in its early phase. Our health encyclopedia is reviewed by medical professionals and provides comprehensive written compendium that holds information about diseases, medical conditions, tests, symptoms, injuries, and surgeries. Please note that, a licensed physician should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions.

Nutrition and wellness[edit | edit source]

As the old adage goes, WikiMD believes that prevention is better than cure. Nutrition, and wellness are part of any preventive strategy and therefore, wikiMD has a huge section on wellness, nutrition, diet, and weight loss.

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Popular health topics[edit | edit source]

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b[edit | edit source]

Healthy food
Healthy food

c[edit | edit source]

Global wellness day
Global wellness day

d[edit | edit source]

Healthy herbs
Healthy herbs

e[edit | edit source]

f[edit | edit source]

g[edit | edit source]

h[edit | edit source]

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Healthy oils
Healthy oils

j[edit | edit source]

No topics/tools listed

k[edit | edit source]

COPD versus healthy lung
COPD versus healthy lung

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o[edit | edit source]

p[edit | edit source]

Healthy feet
Healthy feet

q[edit | edit source]

r[edit | edit source]

s[edit | edit source]

Healthy eating
Healthy eating

t[edit | edit source]


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Health is the state of complete physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being.


Short list of health articles - A[edit source]

AbortionAccidentActivities of daily livingAcupuncture

Advance health care directiveAerobic exercise

AgelessAging and memoryAgingAlcoholismAllergyAlternative medicineAmputationAnaerobic exerciseAnaesthesiaAnatomical pathologyAnatomyAndrologyAnimal-assisted therapyAntibiotic resistanceAppetiteAssisted reproductive technologyAthletic trainingAudiologyAutoimmune diseaseAuxology

B[edit source]

BacteriumBaldnessBasic life supportBinge eating

Biological standard of livingBiomedical researchBiomedical technologyBipolar disorderBirth attendantBirth controlBlood diseasesBlood testBody compositionBody Mass Index (BMI)Brain death

C[edit source]



ChiropracticCognitive therapyCommunity-based rehabilitationCommunity healthComplementary and alternative medicineComplementary medicineConvalescence - COVID-19 portalCryosurgery

D[edit source]

DeathDeficiency disease

DentistryDermatologyDeterminants of healthDetoxificationDevelopmental disabilityDiabetesDiagnosisDiet (nutrition)Diet and obesityDietary supplementDieteticsDietingDigestionDigestive systemDigestive tractDisabilityDisease registryDiseaseDoctor-patient relationshipDysarthriaDyslexia

E[edit source]

Environmental healthEnzymeEpidemicEvidence-based medicineEvidence-based practice

EugenicsExercise equipmentExercise physiologyExercise

F[edit source]

Fad dietFaith healingFamily centered careFamily planningFamineFast foodFertilityFetal alcohol syndromeFolk medicineFood additiveFood allergyFoodFood groupsFood pyramid (nutrition)Food technologyFoodForensic pathology

G[edit source]

Gene therapyGeneral fitness trainingGeneral surgeryGenetic counselingGenetic engineeringGenetically modified organismGeneticsGenome projectGenomeGenomicsGeriatricsGerontologyGynaecology

Mental health
Mental health

H[edit source]

HaematologyHealingHealth care deliveryHealth care systemHealth careHealth economicsHealth educationHealth professionHealth promotionHealth scienceHealthHealthcareHealthy dietHealthy eatingHistory of medicineHolistic healthHome birthHome remedyHomeopathyHomeostasisHormoneHospiceHospitalHuman anatomyHygiene

I[edit source]

IllnessImmortalityImmunity (medical)ImmunologyInfectious diseasesInfertilityInflammationInjuryInternal medicine

J[edit source]


K[edit source]


L[edit source]

LifeLife expectancyLife extensionLongevity

M[edit source]

MacronutrientMale infertilityMalnutritionMedical cannabisMedical case managementMedical devicesMedical historyMedical imagingMedical schoolMedical sociologyMedical technology

MedicationMedicineMegadoseMegavitamin therapy

Mental disorderMental healthMental retardation - MERSMetabolismMeteoropathyMicrobiologyMicronutrientMidwiferyMiscarriageMortality rateMultivitaminMutation

GI doctor
GI doctor

N[edit source]

NanomedicineNanotechnologyNaturopathic medicineNeurologyNeuroscienceNeurosurgeryNuclear medicineNurseNursing schoolNursingNutrientNutritionNutritional supplementNutritionist

O[edit source]

ObesityObstetrics and GynecologyObstetricsOccupational hygieneOccupational medicineOccupational safety and healthOccupational therapyOld ageOncologyOnline pharmacyOphthalmologyOptometryOral hygieneOrgan transplantOrganismOrthopaedicsOsteopathyOver-the-counter drugOverweight

P[edit source]

Palliative careParamedicPathogenPathologyPediatrics

Pharmaceutical care

PharmacologyPharmacyPhysical educationPhysical examinationPhysical exercisePhysical fitnessPhysical therapyPhysicianPlastic surgeryPopulation healthPregnancy

Prenatal carePrescription drugsPreventive medicinePrimary carePrimary health carePsychiatryPsychoanalysisPsychotherapyPublic health

Q[edit source]

Quality of Life (Healthcare)

R[edit source]

RadiologyRare diseaseReproductive medicineRheumatology

S[edit source]

STD testingSafe sexSanitationSaturated fatSelf-healingSelf-medicationSenilitySex educationSexual dysfunctionSexual health

Sleep deprivationSleep hygieneSleepSocial medicineSpecial needsSports medicineSurgerySurvivabilitySymptom

T[edit source]

ToxicityToxicologyToxinTrans fatTrauma surgery

U[edit source]

Universal design

V[edit source]

VaccineVegetarianismVirusVitaminVulvovaginal health

W[edit source]

Weight lossWellness (alternative medicine)WellnessWomen's healthWorld Health Organization

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