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Tinetti Test is a commonly used clinical tool designed to measure balance and gait in older adults. It was developed by Dr. Mary Tinetti, a geriatrician at Yale University, and has been widely adopted in clinical and research settings due to its simplicity and effectiveness.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Tinetti Test is a simple, easily administered test that measures a person's gait and balance. The test is named after its creator, Dr. Mary Tinetti of Yale University. It is used primarily in the geriatric population to measure risk of falls. The test has two sections: one for gait and one for balance. Each section is scored independently and the scores are then combined to give a total score.

Scoring[edit | edit source]

The Tinetti Test is scored out of a total of 28 points - 12 for gait and 16 for balance. A score below 24 is considered indicative of an increased risk of falls. The lower the score, the higher the risk of falls.

Gait Assessment[edit | edit source]

The gait portion of the Tinetti Test assesses elements such as initiation of gait, step length and height, step symmetry and continuity, path (straight versus deviated), and stance (narrow versus wide).

Balance Assessment[edit | edit source]

The balance portion of the Tinetti Test assesses the patient's balance both in a seated position and while standing, their ability to withstand nudging without becoming unbalanced, and their ability to turn and sit down safely.

Limitations[edit | edit source]

While the Tinetti Test is a valuable tool in assessing risk of falls in the elderly, it does have some limitations. It may not be as effective in individuals who have severe physical or cognitive impairments, and it may not capture all of the complexities of balance and gait disorders.

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