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WikiMD is a pioneering medical portal and the world's inaugural wiki-based platform curated exclusively by medical professionals, also known as MDs. Launched in May 2004, the platform is burgeoning, with its English version alone boasting 340,967 insightful articles. WikiMD's mission is to offer an open-content medical encyclopedia available in a multitude of languages, facilitating the broad dissemination of medical knowledge.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Borne out of the combined passions for medicine and technology, WikiMD was conceptualized and initiated by Prab, a zealous resident in Internal Medicine based in Philadelphia, PA. Apart from his medical pursuits, Prab has an ardent interest in technology, having acquired proficiency in numerous software and having founded several websites, including believerscafe, residentscafe, and wikichristian.

The unique selling proposition of WikiMD is its commitment to establishing a comprehensive, free-access medical encyclopedia leveraging the collaborative prowess of the Wiki technology.

The Case for a Dedicated Medical Wiki[edit | edit source]

The digital age has witnessed a significant spike in the number of individuals sourcing medical information online. Research estimates indicate that nearly 60% of online users have, at some point, scoured the internet for medical information. While platforms like excel in offering general knowledge, the niche for a dedicated medical repository remains largely untapped. WikiMD aspires to bridge this gap.

Peter Frishauf, the founder of Medscape, once articulated that a medical version of Wikipedia is the future. As opposed to sifting through multiple articles written at a single point in time, platforms like Wikipedia proffer a dynamic, continually updated article authored by numerous contributors. This not only streamlines the information-seeking process but also ensures the content remains relevant and up-to-date.

While Wikipedia serves as a general reservoir of knowledge, WikiMD's vision is crystal clear: to emerge as the go-to medical encyclopedia with a wealth of articles, resources, images, and insights encompassing all things medicine and health.

Active Projects[edit | edit source]

Residency Wiki[edit | edit source]

A collaborative space curated for Medical Students, Residents, and MDs, this open source Encyclopedia serves as a reservoir of information. Here, users can post Usmle Exam questions, share notes, update Residency Program Requirements, collate Medical Resources available online, and even showcase their articles and publications.

USMLE Wiki[edit | edit source]

The United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) is a pivotal three-step examination for procuring medical licensure in the US. WikiMD elucidates the intricacies of this examination across its three segments:

Additionally, it offers a comprehensive List of Cases related to CSA&CS and Step3CCS, aiding aspirants in their preparation.

Usmle Notes[edit | edit source]

This segment is dedicated to providing notes specifically for the USMLE examination, including resources like Step 3 Notes and Asters Notes.

Open Source Etext Books and Resources[edit | edit source]

WikiMD is at the forefront of compiling open-source textbooks spanning both clinical and preclinical subjects.

Healthcare providers by country[edit | edit source]

Currently, WikiMD has data on over 1 million healthcare providers in the United States. It also has data on many of the doctors, nursing homes, and hospitals in India. See Healthcare provider directory

Health Encyclopedia[edit | edit source]

An exhaustive A-Z repository of Health Topics, WikiMD invites contributions from users. Information sourced from public domains such as CDC-center for Disease Control, NIH - National Institute of Health, or Wikipedia is particularly welcomed unless the content is copyrighted.

New to Wiki?[edit | edit source]

A wiki is an interactive community platform that allows users to modify its content. Simple and user-friendly, the wiki offers a democratic space where users can edit, update, and enhance the available information. If you're new to the concept, consider the WikiMD Sand Box as your training ground. It's the perfect space to practice, experiment, and acquaint yourself with the wiki interface. For a more comprehensive understanding, visit wikipedia – a remarkable illustration of the wiki concept, which has burgeoned to over 2,50,000 pages in just three years.

  • The real focus of healthcare should be lifestyle, prevention, nutrition, with a compassionate and wellness oriented approach.
  • Big pharma: A Gallup Poll conducted in August 2019 found that 58% of Americans held negative views of the pharmaceutical industry while only 27% held positive views.
  • WikiMD's mission: WikiMD aims to bring in the true science and art of medicine focusing on the prevention, and lifestyle change, as opposed to the big pharma driven version that is being practiced today where new and expensive drugs are pushed as miracle cures.
  • Medical content for AI platforms - Are you interested in using our human written and physician edited high quality content in your AI platform? With over 2 million articles, wikiMD WikiMD's medical content can help transform your AI platform.

External Links[edit | edit source]

  • Sand Box - Perfect for honing your editing skills.
  • WikiMD Disclaimers - Important information for all users.

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