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Welcome to WikiMD is a free wiki based medical encyclopedia and medical wiki community started by Prab R.Tumpati, MD.

Note from the founder[edit | edit source]

My name is Prab Tumpati and I am a practicing practicing Internal medicine, Sleep, obesity, and medical aesthetic physician located in in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am also a technology enthusiast, having learnt several softwares and started websites like believerscafe, residentscafe and wikichristian. I started this wiki with a goal to build an open source, free medical encyclopedia using the collaborative Wiki technology.

Let food be medicine and medicine be food - Hippocrates

Our mission[edit | edit source]

  • The real focus of healthcare should be lifestyle, prevention, nutrition, with a compassionate and wellness oriented approach.
  • Big pharma: A Gallup Poll conducted in August 2019 found that 58% of Americans held negative views of the pharmaceutical industry while only 27% held positive views.
  • WikiMD's mission: WikiMD aims to bring in the true science and art of medicine focusing on the prevention, and lifestyle change, as opposed to the big pharma driven version that is being practiced today where new and expensive drugs are pushed as miracle cures.
  • Medical content for AI platforms - Are you interested in using our human written and physician edited high quality content in your AI platform? With over 2 million articles, wikiMD WikiMD's medical content can help transform your AI platform.

Why a wiki?

It is found by various surveys that up to 60% of the people online have used the internet for accessing medical information. The wiki provides a wonderful opportunity to provide up to date information and links on any topic of interest in medicine. While there are great wiki projects like for developing general encyclopedia's, there is no dedicated medical wiki project, to the best of my knowledge. I feel that, both the medical community and the general public interested in medical information, can interact in a wiki platform to share the latest ideas and trends in medical knowledge and arrive at a consensus.

Why WikiMD[edit | edit source]

In traditional publishing, readers must wade through many articles on a subject, each written by a few experts, published at 1 moment in time. In Wikipedia you read article written by people with a professional degree, unlike wikipedia.

Professional degree[edit | edit source]

While wikipedia serves as a general encyclopedia, WikiMD aims to be a medical encyclopedia with articles, links, images and information on everything related to medicine and health, with the key difference being WikiMD is edited by people with a professional degree in medicine which keeps the information more accurate!

Health professionals

Accuracy of information[edit | edit source]

As a significant proportion of the people on the web searching medical information, it is important to provide professional level information, edited and moderated by professionals in a wiki encyclopedia format.

Pit falls of crowd sourcing[edit | edit source]

When it comes to health, you do not ask the crowd for information, but seek professional level information and advice. The purpose of WikiMD is to provide the medical encyclopedia with a higher accuracy.

Project with great potential[edit | edit source]

Many surveys have proven that patients find it difficult to find reliable health information. If you are a medical professional interested in becoming a sysop user with administrative privileges or have other ideas to improve or work together in this project, please feel free to contact me at bath2003 @ gmail dot com or tumpati at hotmail dot com!

---Prab 02:13, 22 July 2006 (EDT) Prab R Tumpati, MD Founder, WikiMD Philadelphia, PA, USA.

Our office address:, 2632 E 21st, Ste L3, Brooklyn, NY 11235. Phone 718 946 5500. Related Items:

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