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W8MD weight loss results
W8MD weight loss results
W8MD weight loss
W8MD weight loss

W8MD Physicians understand that weight loss is a complex process that needs careful monitoring by an obesity medicine physician well versed with the concepts in obesity medicine.

Nutrition is key[edit | edit source]

In order to help you lose weight, the W8MD program aims to supply the body with nutrition at a regular interval with limited calories but adequate protein and other nutrition the body needs.

Meal replacements (optional)[edit | edit source]

The simplest way to provide the balanced nutrition at very limited calories is to use prepackaged meal replacement diet plans such as VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) or LCD (Low Calorie Diet) Plans. For some people, the first few days can be difficult. But once the fat burning starts, it will become much easier. The longer you strictly adhere to the diet, the more momentum you will have. The easiest way to change your behavior is to change your environment.

Using W8MD bars, shakes and food is a great way to get you started. Once you reach 80% of your desired weight loss, we will begin to start transitioning you and have you start eating more of your own food so you can become a STAR. (Steps to avoid regain) However, you can choose to prepare your own meals with instructions from W8MD, should you feel you cannot afford or do not wish to use the Meal Replacement Plans.

Understanding glycemic index[edit | edit source]

Glycemic Index of Foods: If you were to make your own meals, the W8MD program requires you to understand the glycemic index of foods. The higher the glycemic index, the higher the demands on the body to produce insulin. Consuming high glycemic index foods can increase the risk of developing insulin resistance leading to a condition called metabolic syndrome. Metabolic Syndrome, affecting one in three Americans, increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and a host of other conditions including increased risk of certain cancers.

Lose weight from home[edit | edit source]

W8MD's tele-weight loss - The W8MD (pronounced WeightMD) weight loss program offers a convenient home weight loss option for safe, and effective weight loss under physician guidance, online meal plans, and ongoing maintenance plan.

$119.99 tele-weight loss consults[edit | edit source]

  • Using clinically proven and effective strategies, losing weight from home has never been easier.
  • In partnership with WikiMD, W8MD offers a diet plan online with thousands of recipes, and easy to understand instructions for a safe and result oriented weight loss.
  • As most people gained weight during the pandemic, the W8MD's home weight loss option is designed to help anyone lose weight safely and effectively.
  • Try our new $119.99 for a telemedicine physician weight loss consultation from the comfort of your home followed by a prescription sent to your local pharmacy for any of the new weight loss injections.

New weight loss injections[edit | edit source]

We offer the new Semaglutide brands:(Ozempic / Wegovy, Tirzepatide brands:(Mounjaro / Zepbound) which can be prescribed to the local pharmacy or it can be shipped directly to you after consultation.

Low cost weight loss injections[edit | edit source]

  • If your insurance does not cover the branded version, some of the pharmacies offer discounted weight loss injections.
  • The cost of the injection depends on the dose starting from 199.99 for Semaglutide or 249.99 for Tirzepatide (plus shipping) at the starting doses.
  • Call us to learn more.

Think W8MD for weight loss. Visit W8MD.org to learn more or call (718)946-5501.

Transform Your Life with W8MD Weight Loss Centers[edit source]

W8MD weight loss doctors team

W8MD offers a physician-supervised weight loss program at various locations including New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Our centers provide expert medical guidance, accept most insurances, and offer telemedicine options for convenience.

Why choose W8MD?[edit source]

Book Your Appointment[edit source]

Start your weight loss journey today at our centers in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania and visit W8MD.com Call (718)946-5500


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