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Nutritional quality score is a measure of the overall nutritional value or quality of food rated on a color coded scale from A-E, with A being the best and E being the worse and they are color coded with green being the best and red being the worse.

Other names

  • The Nutri-Score
  • 5-Color Nutrition label
  • 5-CNL


The scale assigns products a rating letter from A (best) to E (worst), with associated colors from green to red.


Negative factors

  • high energy density per 100 g or per 100 ml,
  • high sugar content,
  • high content of saturated fatty acids,
  • high salt content.

Positive factors

  • content of fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes
  • fiber content,
  • protein content
  • content rapeseed, walnut and olive oil

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