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10 Bold is an Australian television digital channel that operates as a multi-channel of Network 10, one of the country's major free-to-air networks. Launched on 26 March 2009, 10 Bold initially began as One HD, a channel focused primarily on sports content. Over the years, it has undergone several rebrandings and shifts in programming strategy, leading to its current identity as 10 Bold, which was adopted on 31 October 2018.

History[edit | edit source]

The channel was first introduced as One HD, with a focus on delivering 24-hour sports content, marking it as Australia's first free-to-air sports channel. This move was part of a broader trend among Australian networks to utilize the additional bandwidth provided by the digital television transition for multi-channeling. One HD featured a mix of live sports, sports news, and sports-related programming.

In 2011, the channel underwent its first major rebranding to simply 'One', reflecting a shift in its programming strategy to include general entertainment content alongside its sports offerings. This change aimed to broaden the channel's appeal and audience base.

The transition to 10 Bold in 2018 marked another significant shift in the channel's identity. The rebranding was part of Network 10's overall strategy to streamline its multi-channel offerings, which also included the rebranding of its sister channel, Eleven (now known as 10 Peach), to better target specific audience demographics. 10 Bold positioned itself as a channel targeting a more mature audience, with a programming slate that includes crime dramas, adventure shows, movies, and reality series, in addition to its sports content.

Programming[edit | edit source]

10 Bold's programming strategy focuses on providing a mix of content that appeals to its target demographic of mature audiences. This includes a strong lineup of crime dramas, such as NCIS and its spin-offs, NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans, as well as other popular series like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. The channel also airs a variety of adventure and reality series, classic TV shows, and movies. While sports programming is no longer the sole focus, 10 Bold continues to broadcast selected sports content, catering to its original audience base.

Availability[edit | edit source]

10 Bold is available free-to-air across Australia, accessible to viewers through traditional broadcast methods as well as through various digital platforms. The channel's availability on digital platforms ensures that it reaches a wide audience, offering viewers multiple ways to engage with its content.

Impact and Reception[edit | edit source]

Since its launch, 10 Bold has carved out a niche in the Australian television landscape, particularly among viewers seeking a mix of entertainment and sports programming. The channel's evolution from a sports-centric channel to a broader entertainment channel reflects changing viewer preferences and the competitive nature of the television industry. 10 Bold's ability to adapt and rebrand has been crucial in maintaining its relevance and appeal among Australian audiences.


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