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126 film is a cartridge film format used in still photography. It was introduced by Kodak in 1963 with the Kodak Instamatic camera series, aiming to make film loading significantly easier for the average consumer. The 126 film format became widely popular for amateur photographers due to its simplicity and convenience.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The 126 film cartridge is a plastic case that holds a roll of 35mm film. However, unlike standard 35mm film, which is manually loaded into a camera, the 126 film comes in a cartridge that is simply inserted into the camera. This design minimizes the risk of film exposure and damage. Each frame of a 126 film is 28mm × 28mm, larger than the standard 24mm × 36mm frames of 35mm film, allowing for larger photographs.

Features[edit | edit source]

One of the distinctive features of the 126 film format is the presence of a paper backing with numbers printed on it, visible through a small window on the back of the camera. This feature helps photographers keep track of the number of photographs taken. The film speed is set automatically by notches on the cartridge, simplifying the photography process for users.

Popularity and Decline[edit | edit source]

The 126 film format enjoyed widespread popularity throughout the 1960s and 1970s, as it was used in a variety of cameras designed for easy use and affordability. However, with the advent of newer film formats and the rise of 35mm film cameras that offered more control and higher quality images, the popularity of the 126 film began to wane. Kodak discontinued the production of 126 film cartridges in 1999, although some stocks continued to be available for sale into the early 2000s.

Legacy[edit | edit source]

Despite its discontinuation, the 126 film format holds a nostalgic value for many photography enthusiasts and collectors. It played a significant role in making photography accessible to the masses by simplifying the film loading process. Today, cameras that used 126 film are considered collectibles, and there is a niche market for expired 126 film cartridges among analog photography aficionados.

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