1920 blind march

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1920 blind march

The 1920 blind march was a significant protest in the United Kingdom where a group of blind individuals marched to demand better conditions and rights. This event is a notable part of the history of disability rights in the UK.

Background[edit | edit source]

In the early 20th century, blind people in the UK faced severe discrimination and lack of support. Employment opportunities were scarce, and many blind individuals lived in poverty. The First World War had also resulted in an increase in the number of blind veterans, further highlighting the need for better support and services.

The March[edit | edit source]

The march took place in 1920, organized by the National League of the Blind (NLB), a trade union representing blind workers. The marchers traveled from various parts of the country to London, where they aimed to present their demands to the government. The primary demands included better employment opportunities, improved welfare support, and the establishment of a pension for blind individuals.

Impact[edit | edit source]

The 1920 blind march was a pivotal moment in the history of disability rights in the UK. It brought significant public attention to the plight of blind individuals and led to increased support for their cause. The march contributed to the passage of the Blind Persons Act 1920, which provided for the welfare of blind people, including the establishment of pensions and improved employment opportunities.

Legacy[edit | edit source]

The 1920 blind march is remembered as a landmark event in the struggle for disability rights. It demonstrated the power of collective action and set a precedent for future disability rights movements. The National League of the Blind continued to advocate for the rights of blind individuals, and their efforts have had a lasting impact on disability legislation and support services in the UK.

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