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  • You can upload an image file for use on the provider or other pages of WikiMD.


  • Please note that only free images, specifically royaltiefree, or copyright free images should be uploaded.
  • Free content is defined as content that does not bear copyright restrictions on the right to redistribute, study, modify and improve, or otherwise use works for any purpose in any medium, even commercially.

Non-free content

Any content not satisfying these criteria is said to be non-free and we currently do not allow non-free content uploads.

How to upload images?

  • You have two options to upload the images
  • Upload your own or a freely licensed file to WikiMD
  • Uploads to Wikimedia Commons

Using the images

Once you upload the image, copy the image name and use the following format to put on the page

Adding a picture to a person page - AI prompts and tools

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Generative AI tools and links to learn more on Adding a picture to a person page: (caution advised) ChatGPT - Bing chat - Google Bard

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