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Central Coast Wine Services (CCWS) is a comprehensive wine production facility located in Santa Maria, California. It provides a range of services to the wine industry, including custom crush, storage, and bottling. The facility is a key player in the Central Coast AVA, a prominent American Viticultural Area known for its diverse wine production.


History[edit | edit source]

CCWS was established to support the burgeoning wine industry in the Central Coast region. The facility has grown significantly since its inception, expanding its services and capacity to meet the needs of both large and small wineries.

Services[edit | edit source]

CCWS offers a variety of services to its clients, including:

  • Custom Crush: This service allows wineries to produce wine without owning their own production facilities. CCWS provides the equipment and expertise needed for winemaking, from grape processing to fermentation and aging.
  • Storage: The facility offers extensive storage options, including temperature-controlled environments to ensure the quality and stability of the wine.
  • Bottling: CCWS provides bottling services, including labeling and packaging, to prepare wines for market.

Location and Facilities[edit | edit source]

The facility is strategically located in Santa Maria Valley, which is part of the larger Central Coast AVA. This location provides easy access to high-quality grapes from various sub-regions within the Central Coast. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and equipment to handle all aspects of wine production.

Impact on the Wine Industry[edit | edit source]

CCWS has had a significant impact on the wine industry in the Central Coast region. By providing essential services, it has enabled many small and medium-sized wineries to produce high-quality wines without the need for substantial capital investment in their own facilities. This has contributed to the growth and diversity of the wine industry in the area.

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