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Critical is a term often used in the medical field to describe a condition that requires immediate attention and care. This term is often used to describe patients who are in a severe state of health and require immediate medical intervention.

Definition[edit | edit source]

In the medical field, the term critical is used to describe a patient's condition that is severe and life-threatening. This could be due to a severe illness, injury, or a sudden change in vital signs. The patient's condition is often unstable and could change rapidly, requiring constant monitoring and immediate medical intervention.

Critical Care[edit | edit source]

Critical care is a branch of medicine that deals with life-threatening conditions. This includes conditions such as severe infections, trauma, organ failure, and severe breathing problems. Critical care often involves the use of life-supporting technologies and a team of healthcare professionals who specialize in treating critically ill patients.

Critical Illness[edit | edit source]

A critical illness is a severe health condition that results in significant impairment of bodily functions. This could be due to a severe disease or injury. Critical illnesses often require intensive care and may result in long-term health problems or disability.

Critical Condition[edit | edit source]

A patient is said to be in a critical condition when their vital signs are unstable and not within normal limits. This could be due to a severe illness or injury. Patients in a critical condition often require immediate and aggressive medical intervention.

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