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Introduction to WikiMD[edit | edit source]

wikimd operates as a WikiWiki, allowing any user to freely edit unprotected articles. All changes made will be instantly reflected on the site. For those unfamiliar with the unique Wiki markup, this guide serves as an introduction and reference. To maximize your editing capabilities, you might also be interested in:

Utilizing Custom messages[edit | edit source]

For efficient editing, WikiMD offers the option to save chunks of frequently used text as a custom message. These stored messages can be swiftly inserted into your edits by the system, minimizing repetitive typing. More details are available at Custom messages.

Essential Editing Tools and Tips[edit | edit source]

Here are some key tools and recommendations to enhance your editing experience on WikiMD:

Editing Procedure[edit | edit source]

  • Click on the "Edit this page" link found at the top, bottom, or sidebar of a Wiki page to start editing. If you wish to engage in a discussion about a page, click "Discuss this page" and then opt for "Edit this page" on the associated talk page.
  • As you edit, you'll be presented with a text box containing the article's current content.
  • Once done, briefly describe your changes in the edit summary field beneath the main editing box. Before finalizing, you can preview your edits. Depending on your device, hitting Enter outside the editing box might save the changes.

Additional Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Stay objective by maintaining a neutral point of view in your edits.
  • Ensure credibility by citing your sources.
  • Consider using a local text editor for editing and spell-checking before transferring the content to WikiMD. This also allows you to save offline copies. Some editors even support syntax highlighting for wiki articles.
  • After creating a new article, ensure it's integrated into the wiki:
  • Check "What links here" to see if existing articles link to yours. Ensure they align with your article's context.
  • Use the Search function to find related content on WikiMD and link them as needed.
  • Compare your article with other language versions on WikiMD, if available, for consistency and inspiration.
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