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1-(2-Nitrophenoxy)octane is a chemical compound with the molecular formula C14H21NO3. It belongs to the class of organic compounds known as nitro compounds, specifically nitrobenzenes. Nitrobenzenes are compounds containing a nitrobenzene moiety, which consists of a benzene ring with a nitro group (NO2) attached to it.

Structure and Properties[edit | edit source]

1-(2-Nitrophenoxy)octane is composed of a benzene ring substituted with a nitro group (NO2) and an octyl group (C8H17) through an oxygen atom. The molecular weight of 1-(2-Nitrophenoxy)octane is 249.32 g/mol.

The compound is characterized by the presence of strong intramolecular forces, including hydrogen bonding, van der Waals forces, and dipole-dipole interactions. These forces contribute to the compound's physical properties, such as its boiling point, melting point, and solubility.

Synthesis[edit | edit source]

The synthesis of 1-(2-Nitrophenoxy)octane typically involves the reaction of 2-nitrophenol with 1-chlorooctane in the presence of a base. This reaction is an example of a nucleophilic substitution reaction, a common type of reaction in organic chemistry.

Applications[edit | edit source]

While 1-(2-Nitrophenoxy)octane is primarily used in research and development, potential applications of this compound could be found in the fields of pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and materials science.

Safety and Precautions[edit | edit source]

As with all nitro compounds, 1-(2-Nitrophenoxy)octane should be handled with care. It may be harmful if swallowed, inhaled, or comes into contact with skin. It is recommended to use personal protective equipment, including gloves and eye protection, when handling this compound.


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