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Naturalis Biodiversity Center - ZMA.MOLL.303844 - Cellana talcosa (Gould, 1846) - Nacellidae - Mollusc shell

Cellana talcosa is a species of true limpet in the family Nacellidae. This marine gastropod mollusk is found in the intertidal zone of rocky shores.

Description[edit | edit source]

Cellana talcosa has a conical shell that is typically oval in shape. The shell is often characterized by its radial ribs and concentric growth lines. The coloration of the shell can vary, but it is generally a mix of brown, gray, and white. The interior of the shell is smooth and often has a pearly luster.

Distribution[edit | edit source]

This species is commonly found in the Pacific Ocean, particularly along the coasts of New Zealand and Australia. It inhabits the intertidal zone, where it clings to rocks and feeds on algae.

Ecology[edit | edit source]

Cellana talcosa is a herbivore, primarily grazing on algae that grow on the surfaces of rocks. It plays a significant role in the intertidal ecosystem by controlling algal growth and providing a food source for predators such as sea stars and birds.

Reproduction[edit | edit source]

Like many marine gastropods, Cellana talcosa has a complex life cycle that includes both sexual and asexual reproduction. The species releases eggs and sperm into the water column, where fertilization occurs. The larvae are planktonic and eventually settle onto a suitable substrate to develop into adult limpets.

Conservation[edit | edit source]

Currently, there are no major conservation concerns for Cellana talcosa. However, like many intertidal species, it could be affected by environmental changes such as climate change, pollution, and habitat destruction.

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