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Center Parcs Europe is a network of holiday villages in Europe, operating under the company Center Parcs Europe NV, which is a subsidiary of the Pierre & Vacances Group. The concept was originally founded in the Netherlands in 1968, with the opening of the first village, De Lommerbergen. Since then, Center Parcs has expanded its operations across several European countries, including Belgium, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. The brand is known for its focus on family-oriented, nature-based holidays.

History[edit | edit source]

The concept of Center Parcs was created by Dutch businessman Piet Derksen. Initially, the parks were designed to offer outdoor and leisure activities in forest settings, with accommodation provided in fully equipped villas or cottages. The idea was to provide a close-to-nature experience where families could enjoy activities together regardless of the weather, thanks to the subtropical swimming paradises and indoor centers at the heart of each park.

Over the years, Center Parcs Europe expanded its footprint outside the Netherlands. Each new park adhered to the original concept while also incorporating unique features and activities suitable for its location and target market. The acquisition by the Pierre & Vacances Group in 2003 marked a significant milestone, further accelerating expansion and development.

Parks[edit | edit source]

Center Parcs Europe operates over 20 parks across its active countries. Each park is set in a substantial forested area, providing a secluded and natural setting for holidaymakers. The parks are known for their iconic subtropical swimming paradises, called "Aqua Mundo," indoor sports and leisure facilities, and a wide range of outdoor activities. Accommodations range from comfortable cottages to luxury villas, designed to blend into the natural surroundings.

Notable Parks[edit | edit source]

  • De Eemhof (Netherlands): Known for its extensive water sports facilities and FlowRider surfing simulator.
  • Bispinger Heide (Germany): Features a unique treetop adventure course and a large indoor play world.
  • Les Trois Forêts (France): Stands out for its large forest setting and the innovative nature-themed activities.
  • Woburn Forest (United Kingdom): The newest addition to the UK's Center Parcs villages, offering a modern twist on the traditional Center Parcs experience.

Sustainability[edit | edit source]

Sustainability is a core principle of Center Parcs Europe. The company is committed to preserving the natural environment of its parks through various conservation efforts, including the management of forest areas, water conservation measures, and the integration of sustainable technologies in the construction and operation of the parks.

Future Developments[edit | edit source]

Center Parcs Europe continues to explore opportunities for expansion and innovation. This includes the renovation of existing parks to enhance guest experiences and the exploration of new locations for future parks. The company aims to maintain its position as a leader in family and nature-oriented holiday destinations in Europe.

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