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Cephalogram[edit | edit source]

A cephalogram is a radiographic image of the head that is used in orthodontics and craniofacial surgery to assess the relationships of the bones of the skull and face. It is a specialized form of X-ray that provides a side view of the head and neck, and is particularly useful in the diagnosis and treatment planning of malocclusion and other dental and facial abnormalities.

Procedure[edit | edit source]

The cephalogram procedure involves the patient standing or sitting in front of the X-ray machine, with the head held in a fixed position using ear rods and a forehead strap. The X-ray source is positioned on one side of the patient's head, and the film or digital sensor is placed on the other side. The X-ray beam is directed horizontally through the head, capturing an image of the bones and soft tissues of the face and skull.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Cephalograms are used in a variety of medical and dental applications. In orthodontics, they are used to assess the position and growth of the jaw and teeth, and to plan treatment for conditions such as malocclusion, overbite, underbite, and crossbite. In craniofacial surgery, they are used to evaluate the results of surgery and to plan future surgical procedures.

Analysis[edit | edit source]

The analysis of a cephalogram involves the identification and measurement of various landmarks on the radiographic image. These landmarks, which include points on the skull, jaw, and teeth, are used to calculate angles and distances that provide information about the relationships of the various structures. This analysis can be performed manually, or with the aid of computer software.

Risks[edit | edit source]

As with any X-ray procedure, there is a small risk of exposure to radiation. However, the amount of radiation used in a cephalogram is very low, and the benefits of the procedure generally outweigh the risks.

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