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Brief summary - 1-Deoxysphingolipids
The 1-deoxysphingolipids (1-deoxySLs) are an atypical and recently discovered class of sphingolipids (SLs). They are formed during the nove synthesis pathway and their essential C1-OH deficit causes the malfunctions of the following transformations to achieve complex sphingolipids. In general, sphingolipids are formed during a reaction that is catalyzed by the SPT enzyme (serine-palmitoyltransferase) where the condensation of serine and palmitoyl-CoA takes place. The origin of this rare sphingolipid, though, is due to a defect of the SPT which can also use (as substrats) alanine or glycine. This change is what forms the 1-deoxySL

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