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Cementicle is a small, round calcified mass found in the periodontal ligament. They are typically less than 200 micrometers in diameter and are composed of cementum, a specialized calcified substance that covers the root of a tooth. Cementicles can be found either attached to the root or free within the periodontal ligament.

Formation[edit | edit source]

Cementicles are formed from the deposition of cementum on fragments of degenerated periodontal fibers. This process is similar to the formation of dental calculus, but occurs within the periodontal ligament rather than on the tooth surface. The exact cause of cementicle formation is not well understood, but it is thought to be related to aging, inflammation, or trauma to the periodontal ligament.

Classification[edit | edit source]

Cementicles are classified based on their location. They can be found free within the periodontal ligament, attached to the root surface, or embedded within the cementum layer of the root. Free cementicles are the most common type, while embedded cementicles are the least common.

Clinical significance[edit | edit source]

Cementicles are generally considered to be a normal part of the aging process and are often found in older individuals. However, they can also be associated with certain dental conditions, such as periodontitis and root resorption. In rare cases, large cementicles can cause discomfort or interfere with dental procedures.

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