Cercospora zebrina

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Cercospora zebrina

Cercospora zebrina is a species of fungus that belongs to the genus Cercospora. It is known for causing leaf spot diseases in various plants. The fungus typically infects the leaves of its host plants, leading to the formation of characteristic lesions.

Description[edit | edit source]

Cercospora zebrina is a plant pathogen that primarily affects the foliage of susceptible plants. The fungus produces dark, irregularly shaped lesions on the leaves, which can vary in size and color. These lesions often have a zebra-like appearance, giving the fungus its common name.

Host Plants[edit | edit source]

Cercospora zebrina is known to infect a wide range of plant species, including ornamental plants, vegetables, and crops. Some common host plants of this fungus include tomatoes, cucumbers, and geraniums.

Disease Symptoms[edit | edit source]

Plants infected with Cercospora zebrina typically exhibit symptoms such as yellowing and browning of the leaves, as well as the formation of dark spots or streaks. In severe cases, the disease can lead to defoliation and a decline in plant health.

Management[edit | edit source]

Effective management of Cercospora zebrina involves implementing cultural practices such as proper sanitation, crop rotation, and the removal of infected plant material. Fungicides may also be used to control the spread of the disease, especially in agricultural settings.

Prevention[edit | edit source]

To prevent the spread of Cercospora zebrina, it is important to practice good plant hygiene, avoid overhead watering, and provide adequate air circulation around plants. Regular monitoring for early signs of infection can help in timely intervention and control.


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