Crittenden, KY

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Crittenden, KY

Geography[edit | edit source]

  • Crittenden is located at the northern end of Grant County, along Interstate 75. It is approximately 26 miles south of Cincinnati, Ohio, and about 64 miles north of Lexington, Kentucky.

Demographics[edit | edit source]

  • As of the 2010 United States Census, the city had a population of 3,815. The city has seen a significant increase in population over the past few decades, largely due to its proximity to Cincinnati and the growth of the Northern Kentucky region.

Healthcare Facilities[edit | edit source]

  • Crittenden is home to several healthcare facilities that provide a range of services to the local community. These include:
  • St. Elizabeth Healthcare Crittenden: This is a critical access hospital that provides emergency care, surgical services, and inpatient care. It also offers a range of outpatient services, including diagnostic imaging, laboratory services, and physical therapy.
  • Crittenden Family Practice: This is a primary care clinic that provides comprehensive healthcare services to patients of all ages. The clinic is staffed by board-certified family medicine physicians.
  • Grant County Drugs: This is a community pharmacy that provides prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, and health and wellness products. The pharmacy also offers immunization services.

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Primary care doctors in or near Crittenden, KY[edit | edit source]

Provider page Credentials Gender Primary specialty Secondary specialties Address Address2 City State ZIP Phone
Robert Hollis 1285675447 M Family Practice 1955 Dixie Hwy Ft Wright KY 13743 8592929176
Sarah Flora 1558593459 F Family Practice 413 S Loop Rd Edgewood KY 19713 8593013800
Shelby Gardner 1275038150 F Family Practice 1955 Dixie Hwy Ft Wright KY 20814 8593416255
Shivam Kedia 1013404938 M Family Practice 7766 Ewing Blvd L Florence KY 30906 8593711153
Robert Tracy 1003848763 M Family Practice 405 Violet Rd Crittenden KY 34104 8594281610
Robert Tracy 1003848763 M Family Practice 2626 Alexandria Pike Highland Heights KY 34109 8597570434
Alisa-ann Christensen 1013276641 F Family Practice 405 Violet Rd Crittenden KY 38116
Sharp Thomas 1801260393 M Family Practice Alexandria KY 41001
Patel Kruti 1073877205 F Family Practice Burlington KY 41005
Osborne Lewis Rebecca 1528386000 F Family Practice Butler KY 41006
Rawlins-rader Augusta 1811556012 F Family Practice 1955 Dixie Hwy Suite D Fort Wright KY 41011 8593415757
Foor Laura 1922445303 F Family Practice Taylor Mill KY 41015
Gieske Michael 1316903636 M Family Practice Edgewood KY 41017
Walerstein Jarrod 1124648381 M Family Practice Erlanger KY 41018
Bokelman Jessica 1760817142 F Family Practice Hospice/palliative Care Crittenden KY 41030
Cooper John 1740229939 M Family Practice 1120 W Shelby St Falmouth KY 41040 8596546966
Price Alyssa 1275037293 F Family Practice Florence KY 41042
Slone Tasheena 1083907240 F Family Practice 135 Courthouse Xing Independence KY 41051 8593566800
Walerstein Jarrod 1124648381 M Family Practice Highland Heights KY 41076
Jackson Lindsey 1598148819 F Family Practice Walton KY 41094


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