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Flavor is the sensory impression of a food or other substance, and is determined primarily by the chemical senses of taste and smell. The "trigeminal senses", which detect chemical irritants in the mouth and throat, as well as temperature and texture, are also important to the overall gustatory sensations.

Chemical senses[edit | edit source]

The Chemical senses include the senses of taste and smell which contribute to the perception of flavor.

Taste[edit | edit source]

Taste is one of the five traditional senses. It refers to the ability to detect the flavor of substances such as food, certain minerals, and poisons, etc.

Smell[edit | edit source]

Smell is a highly sensitive sensory system, which detects chemical substances in the environment that are inhaled through the nose.

Trigeminal senses[edit | edit source]

The Trigeminal senses detect chemical irritants, temperature, and texture. They are responsible for the sensations of heat, cold, and the texture of food.

Flavor perception[edit | edit source]

Flavor perception is a complex process involving the central nervous system and various sensory systems. The flavor of a food can be altered by other factors such as temperature, color, and texture.

Flavor and food[edit | edit source]

Flavor plays a significant role in food consumption, selection and nutrition. It is often the most important factor in food choice.

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