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16-O-Methylcafestol is a diterpene found in coffee beans. It is a member of the cafestol family. This compound is one of the main contributors to the taste and aroma of coffee. It is also known to have various biological effects, including anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.

Chemistry[edit | edit source]

16-O-Methylcafestol is a methylated derivative of cafestol, one of the most abundant diterpenes in coffee. The methylation occurs at the 16th carbon atom of the cafestol molecule. This modification enhances the compound's lipophilicity, which in turn affects its biological activity and its contribution to the flavor of coffee.

Biological Effects[edit | edit source]

16-O-Methylcafestol has been found to exhibit several biological effects. It has anti-inflammatory properties, which may contribute to the health benefits of coffee. It has also been found to have anti-cancer properties, although the exact mechanisms are not yet fully understood.

Role in Coffee[edit | edit source]

16-O-Methylcafestol contributes to the taste and aroma of coffee. It is one of the compounds that give coffee its unique flavor profile. The concentration of 16-O-Methylcafestol in coffee can vary depending on the type of coffee bean and the roasting process.

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