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Burundian cuisine is the style of cooking and food associated with the people of Burundi, a small landlocked country in East Africa. The cuisine is heavily based on agricultural products such as grains, legumes, and vegetables, with a lesser emphasis on meat.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The staple food of Burundian cuisine is beans, which are used in various dishes. Other staples include corn, millet, sorghum, and cassava. The diet is supplemented with a variety of fruits and vegetables, including bananas, plantains, sweet potatoes, yams, cabbage, spinach, and tomatoes.

Traditional dishes[edit | edit source]

One of the most popular dishes in Burundian cuisine is boko boko harees, a dish made from mashed beans and corn. Another popular dish is ugali, a type of cornmeal porridge. It is often served with a sauce made from beans, peanuts, or avocados.

Mukeke, a type of small fish found in Lake Tanganyika, is also a popular dish in Burundi. It is often grilled or fried and served with ugali or rice.

Beverages[edit | edit source]

Traditional Burundian beverages include banana beer, which is made from fermented bananas, and urwarwa, a type of banana wine. Tea and coffee are also popular, with Burundi being a significant producer of both.

Influence[edit | edit source]

The cuisine of Burundi has been influenced by its neighboring countries, including Rwanda, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This is reflected in the use of similar ingredients and cooking techniques.

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