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Cellular Growth is a fundamental process in biology that involves the increase in the size and number of cells in an organism. It is a critical aspect of cell biology, developmental biology, and oncology.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Cellular growth refers to the process by which cells accumulate mass and increase in physical size. This process is essential for the development, maintenance, and reproduction of all living organisms. Cellular growth is regulated by a complex network of genetic and proteinaceous factors that ensure cells grow at the appropriate rate and time.

Cellular Growth and Development[edit | edit source]

During the development of an organism, cellular growth plays a crucial role. It begins with the division of a single fertilized egg cell into multiple cells, a process known as cell division. These cells then grow and differentiate into various cell types, forming the tissues and organs of the organism. This process is regulated by gene expression and signal transduction pathways.

Regulation of Cellular Growth[edit | edit source]

The regulation of cellular growth is a complex process that involves numerous molecular and cellular mechanisms. Key regulators of cellular growth include growth factors, hormones, and cytokines, which can stimulate or inhibit cell growth. Additionally, the cell cycle plays a crucial role in controlling the rate and timing of cell growth and division.

Cellular Growth and Disease[edit | edit source]

Abnormal cellular growth can lead to various diseases, including cancer. In cancer, cells grow and divide uncontrollably, forming a tumor. Understanding the mechanisms of cellular growth is therefore crucial for the development of effective cancer therapies.

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