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Brief summary - Caribbean cuisine

is a a mix of many types of foods - African, African, African, African, African, African, African, African, Latin American, African and Chinese and African food.

What is typical Caribbean food?

The Caribbean food is like the cuisine of the world - a mix of most foods from different parts of the world with some local modifications, and food styles that are unique to the region.

Dhalpurie roti, pumpkin tarkari, channa and aloo, and curry goat, from Trinidad and Tobago

What are some Caribbean foods?

  1. Flying fish & Cou Cou – The national dish of Barbados.
  2. Conch fritters, conch salad, and crack conch are popular dishes.
  3. Cracked conch, the national dish of the [Bahamas]], is conch meat. The meat is first pounded with a meat tenderizer, seasoned, dipped into a flour batter, and then fried
  4. Jerk like Jerk chicken, Jerk fish – The spicy flavor of Jamaica.
  5. Pepperpot – A type of stew.
  6. Roti – From Indian cuisine
  7. Plantain – Usually fried snack or side.
  8. Breadfruit – A fruit that is rich in protein and a gluten-free carbohydrate rich food.
Mangu with veggie meat
  • What is traditional Caribbean food?
  1. traditional Caribbean foods list

What are some Jamaican foods?

Here are some common Jamaican foods

What are some common Jamaican fruits?

What are some common Jamaican desserts and sweets?


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