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Cental is a unit of mass that is used in various countries and industries. It is equivalent to 100 pounds (approximately 45.36 kilograms). The term "cental" is derived from the Latin word "centum," meaning "hundred." The cental is primarily used in the United States and Canada, particularly in agriculture and commodity trading.

History[edit | edit source]

The cental was introduced as a standardized unit of mass to simplify trade and commerce. It was particularly useful in the agricultural sector, where large quantities of produce such as grain, cotton, and tobacco were traded. The adoption of the cental helped to reduce confusion and discrepancies in weight measurements, facilitating smoother transactions.

Usage[edit | edit source]

The cental is commonly used in the following industries:

Conversion[edit | edit source]

The cental can be converted to other units of mass as follows:

Related Units[edit | edit source]

The cental is related to other units of mass, such as the hundredweight (cwt) and the ton. In the United States, the hundredweight is equivalent to 100 pounds, making it identical to the cental. However, in the United Kingdom, the hundredweight is equivalent to 112 pounds.

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