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Sub-internships, are rotations by fourth year medical students in a hospital other than their primary medical school hospital in order to gain practical experience in preparation of their future internship.

Other names

Sub-internship is frequently abbreviated sub-I, a.k.a. "Acting Internship (AI)"

Acting intern

It is a clinical rotation where the fourth year medical student is acting as an intern—entering orders, writing notes, rounding on patients, and or participating in procedures, acting as an extension of the intern.

Advanced rotations

These rotations are a type of advanced medicine clerkship for medical students who have already completed their basic clinical rotation in medicine.


These rotations are usually four weeks with the aim of providing training in the care of hospitalized patients in a tertiary-care setting.

Subject area

These rotations can be in any specialty, but usually are in the area of interest for future internship by the medical student such as internal medicine, general surgery, family medicine, etc.


These rotations are heavily supervised for both teaching and patient care reasons.


  • These rotations provide an opportunity for much more autonomy and ability to learn and care for patients.
  • These rotations help the medical students to gain experience in participating in patient care teams, and take on more patient care responsibility for their care.


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