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Important update[edit | edit source]

In January 2021, the USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills (CS) test for medical school students and graduates was permanently canceled and is no nolonger required.

The following is for archive purposes only.

Step 2-CS[edit | edit source]

USMLE Step 2-CS is designed to assess clinical skills through simulated patient interactions, in which the examinee interacts with standardized patients portrayed by actors. Each examinee faces 12 Standardized Patients (SPs) and has 15 minutes to complete history taking and clinical examination for each patient, and then 10 more minutes to write a patient note describing the findings, initial differential diagnosis list and a list of initial tests. Administration of the Step 2-CS began in 2004.

The examination is offered in five cities across the country:

Before 2004, a similar exam, the Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA) was used to assess the clinical skills of foreign medical graduates.

Review of Usmle step 2 CS courses[edit | edit source]

UW- Has about 70 cases which are reasonably representative. There are a few cases that are not covered. Some concerns as to whether you have time do all the things. Overall, good quality cases. Price is a bit high.

UsmleSource - This is relatively new course that has over 100 cases with videos for many cases. I personally used this and what I liked about it is the approach that is more practical using a few mnemonics. They use the Mnemonics LIQOR AAA and PAM HUGS FOSS all through the course which I personally used it when I took my exam. I think it helped me to gather all the pieces of info in history without thinking too much. The case discussions are OK, a bit detail oriented, and the price is lower than UW given the number of cases. The videos kind of go over the case in 10-15 minutes and are good. Can practice Patient note. I think it is the best bang for your bucks.

FA - First AID.

Among the books, I think OSCE is a reasonable source even though it is designed for a different purpose. The cases are nicely presented. You should not completely rely on it but use one of the online courses like UsmleSource or UsmleWorld to suppliment it.

Also ValueMD, Prep4Usmle are good sources for case discussions.

Other things that need to be reviewed include - CS courses with SP's like passcsa, C3NY, Kaplan CS course etc. Please post your experiences here!

Overall, no matter what course you take, practice is the key.

Video CS Cours from UsmleSource[edit | edit source]

Introducing the most advanced and simplified USMLE step 2 CS course with over 116 real exam style cases.

  • 116 CS cases (The largest available anywhere - almost double that of UW)
  • Full interviews with SP's,
  • Timed check lists that warn you after 15 minutes for the patient encounter and 10 minutes for the Patient Note,
  • Software to practice patient note and
  • Easy Mneomonic based approach that is proven to work and more!

We are constantly adding more videos and updating the cases. As of Dec 31st DEC, 2OO6, we have over 20 video case discussions with more to be added soon. We also have a total of 116 cases representing the wide variety of cases seen in the real CS with so many centers.

The other sites like UW etc. do not have all the cases you see, but charge more. This course is designed to help simplify your approach so that you perform better even under stress with an easy Mnemonic based approach.

With the money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose! Try it today before the prices go up!

We also offer a money back guarantee not available anywhere else.

Use the discount coupon FO4B71 and get additional 15% offf.

As an introductory limited time offer, you can subscribe for as little as 39.99 if you are wiling to refer the site to 3 other people. Try it for yourself at

As per the user feedback from users who tried other services like UW and failed and then took UsmleSource course, this course is far more advanced and uses an approach that makes it simple to collect the maximum amount of data even under pressure. Do not risk failing in data gathering like many applicants do by trying to memorize all the questions and then forgetting under stress. Use our Mnemonic based approach! It really works! usmleSource Video CS cases

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