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Net carbohydrates is a term often used in the keto and other low carb diets.

What is net carbs?

Net carbs or net carbohydrates is simply the amount of carbs minus the fiber carbs in a given food.

How is net carbs caliculated?

Net carbohydrates is caliculated by taking the total number of carbohydrates in grams and substracting the fiber carbohydrates in grams from the total.

Importance of net carbs

When comparing the the amount of carbohydrates in a given food item, the total carbohydrates alone does not make as much sense as net carbohydrates as those foods that are higher in the fiber content such as salads may have carbohydrates but the beneficial fiber should not counted as fiber does not cause high insulin response. The fiber also slows down the absorption of sugar thereby reducing the glycemic load and insulin requirements.

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