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Net carbohydrates or net carbs is a measure of how many carbohydrates a food item has excluding the fiber.

How to calculate net carbohydrates?[edit | edit source]

The net carbohydrates is the fiber subtracted from the total carbohydrates.

Total carbohydrates - Fiber = Net carbohydrates.

Ketogenic diet and net carbs[edit | edit source]

On a ketogenic diet, calculating and understanding net carbs plays an important role. Low net carbs (usually less than 30 net carbohydrates per day) helps a person go in to a state of fat burning called ketosis.

Ketosis and fat but burning[edit | edit source]

When you are in ketosis, the fat stores become a primary energy source when you are in ketosis so that you lose the right tissue which is the excess body fat. Since the body is burning fat, you lose weight, not feel as hungry as your body is no longer looking for carbs. This is the reason why low-carb diets have become popular and effective. Most weight loss programs that do not understand this may be helping lose weight by losing more muscle tissue than fat tissue. Remember to drink fluids with electrolytes such as soups, broth, zero calorie electrolyte solutions etc, not just plain water.

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