Zanzibari cuisine

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What is Zanzibari cuisine?

  • Zanzibar is the older name for Tanzania.
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  • Zanzibari cuisine reflects several culinary influences, as a consequence of the multi-cultural and multi-ethnic nature of Zanzibar's and Swahili heritage.
A spice stall in the Stone Town market of Zanzibar.

What culinary traditions influence Zanzibari cuisine?

It is a mixture of various culinary traditions, including Bantu, Arab, Portuguese, Indian, British and Chinese cuisines.

What are some examples of Zanzibari dishes?

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2.Spice cake


Boko-boko is a sort of stew of meat cooked in maize, ginger, cumin, chili, tomato and onion.

4.Date and hazelnut bread

Bread prepared with hazelnuts and dates, as well as eggs and vanilla, is the most traditional food to celebrate the end of Ramadhan.

5.Pilau meat

Pilau meat is usually prepared with goose (sometimes calf or cow) meat cooked with potatoes, onions, spices, coconut milk and rice.

6. Pepper shark

Shark is one of the most traditional types of Zanzibari seafood; it is prepared with pepper and other spices.

7. Pweza wa nazi

Pweza wa nazi (meaning "octopus and coconut" in Swahili) is octopus boiled in coconut milk, curry, cinnamon, cardamom, garlic and lime juice.


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